Jumbo Train Debut CD 20 Year Journey

     Ontario painter-sculptor, Dennis Kalichuk, adds music to his multi-media repertoire with his singer-
songwriter CD release as Jumbo Train.

     The 11 track album – More Bump Than Glide - turned out to be an extremely personal, honest and
emotional journey through twenty years of impassioned tides with family and friends, and loves discovered
and lost.  More Bump Than Glide takes its name from a line in the 12-bar blues/rock anthem for spirited
adults – This Ride’s Still Jumpin’.

     Experienced musical theatre performer and harmony specialist, Dean Greer, rounds out vocals with
Dennis on four of the tunes including the syrupy-sweet love ballads Possible and When You Are Gone,
with Dennis contributing the finger-style acoustic guitar.  The two team up again for Star Lights – a hopeful
and uplifting tribute to friends the singer-songwriter had lost to tragic circumstances.  Hollywood Star (The
Rachel McAdams Song) provides somewhat of a comedic interlude in the album with Kalichuk and Greer
offering a tribute to their home-grown actress, with a track that sounds like a studio rehearsal complete
with back and forth tongue-in-cheek banter.

     Kalichuk’s Maybe Baby adds an unpretentious, energetic, dance beat vibe to the eclectic nature of the
Jumbo Train journey.

     London vocal phenom Jenn Kee lends her soulful and heartfelt sounds, backing up Kalichuk on Live
On – Jumbo Train’s ardent plea to those who have lost their way to rise above.  Kee shines through with
Kalichuk again on the upbeat, bouncy, bluesy Hold Me.

     More Bump Than Glide took an unexpected but definitive twist of flavour and theme when Dennis’ 20
year marriage ended part way through production of the album.  It also coincided with a summer hiatus by
producer Myles Pineau and allowed Kalichuk time to write Don’t Know How.  Kee rounds out the break-up
number with a sweet and haunting duet.

     CD available through JumboTrain.com.