All words and music by Dennis Kalichuk copyright 2010/2011   
reg Can. SOCAN  U.S. BMI

Vocals: Kalichuk, Greer  Guitar: Kalichuk  Strings: Allard, Pineau

I didn’t think it was possible
To love anyone, as much as I love you
You’re the rain in a storm cloud
The smoke in a cigarette
The sunshine on an island beach
And I bet that you could get
Or anything
With just your smile
Or a telephone ring

And I want to get old with you
Bask in your bright shine
Cruise down your Park Avenue
Share a jug of deep red wine
Look into your sparkling blues
Feel blessed that you are mine

I didn’t think it was possible
To love anyone, as much as I love you
You’re the cold in a snowflake
The song of a singing bird
The brightest light in a great big room
The sweetest voice I’ve ever heard
Or anywhere
Just think of us
And I’ll be there


I didn’t think it was possible
To love anyone, as much as I love you
You’re the blood of every heartbeat
The whisper in the wind
The splashing of a babbling brook
The reason I have sinned
With every kiss
This time with you
I would not miss


Now I know it’s possible
To love someone… as much as I love you

Vocals: Kalichuk  Guitar: Kalichuk, Allard  Bass: Pineau  Drums: Allard

Hold on – this ride ain’t over, just hold on, raging fire doesn’t smolder
Just hold on – desire not older
So hold on
Horses haven’t left yet
So place your bets
And hold on

Clickety clack and loop de loop
Dive, climb, hair back
Turn and swoop
Life is a ride, more bump than glide
Spinning hoola hoop
Clikety clack, turn and swoop, loop de loop

Coaster - we’re going so fast - roller coaster - I just wish it would last
Roller coaster
A fish caught by a cast
Rockin’ coaster
This ride’s still jumpin
My heart’s still pumpin
Ride this coaster


Lovin – white hot up and down - good lovin – back road and downtown
Good lovin
Not slowed or run down
I’m lovin
The way you look
It makes me cook
Good lovin


Vocals: Kalichuk, Greer  Guitar: Kalichuk

I think I saw Rachel McAdams in the shopping mall today
We passed right by each other, but I didn’t know what to say    
Oh well, was in a hurry… anyway

Oh… woh ….. ohhhhh uh oh
She was a big city dreamer, from our little city town
Had a twinkle in her eye, that would take away a frown
She’s a Hollywood star – they knew she’d go far
Far, far, far… they’d say

I think I saw Rachel McAdams, in the drive-through last night
I wondered what she ordered, and if everything was all right
Then she just drove away – out of sight


I think I saw Rachel McAdams, at the movie theatre
It was a little hard to tell, but yes it looked like her
I guess I’ll never know… for sure

Did you see?...
The Hot Chick
Mean Girls
The Notebook
Wedding Crashers
Red Eye
The Family Stone
Married Life
The Lucky Ones
State of Play
The Time TravellersWife,
Sherlock Holmes,
Morning Glory,
Mid-night In Paris                                   
Did you? ...Did you? Did you?

She’s a big city dreamer, from our little city town
Has a twinkle in her eye, that will take away your frown
Now she’s a Hollywood star – they knew she’d go far
Far, far, far – they’d say
Far, far, far – away.

Vocals: Kalichuk, Greer  Guitar: Kalichuk

You had a gentle soul
You gave me a shirt from your back
You never knew how bright was your shine
It just, wouldn’t crack
You wanted more for me than I – ever did

The sun will rise in the morning
It will be all right
Your light will shine forever
It burns so bright

You held the world so high
Rode in on a big white horse
We all looked up to you
You always stayed the course
On your way into the light you turned – and smiled


You didn’t know you needed us
Quite so much
You strode through life giving others
Your golden touch
When the fire went out the embers burned – not enough


Sunshine – burning bright
Starlights – in the night

(repeat last line)

Vocals: Kalichuk  Guitar: Kalichuk, Allard  Bass: Pineau  Drums: Allard

You’re my little boy
You fill my world to the top
You’re my little boy
My love for you just won’t stop

You like cotton candy with chocolate
Baseball and video games
Playing army outside with your friends
And calling each other names!?
You like climbing trees
And swimming pools
Don’t even mind so much
Going to school


We like tickle time
And your giggly laugh
Remember how you used to…
Splash in the bath?
I remember feeding you
And the first time you said “Dad”
Our favourite times we had with you
Are the best we’ve ever had


Sometimes I get so proud of you
When I know you try so hard
I hope the world is good to you
And all your hits go yard
Can hardly believe my little boy
Someday will be a man
So these days I’m holding on to
As long as I can....

Diapers to blue jeans it seems just like that
Cartoons to rock ‘n roll like a quarter in six-o flat
Sports cars replace bikes as their favourite ride
School girl crushes become their blushing brides
Cherish all these moments like they're gonna be your last
‘cause soon all these moments become moments from your past...

(chorus - repeat last line)

Vocals: Kalichuk, Kee  Guitar: Kalichuk

Don’t close the book… you don’t know, what you’ll find in the next stage
See the story end - have to read, on-to, the next page
One breath at a time, just up the road… is your turn, to shine

Plant a tree
Share your smile
Raise a child
Share your joy
Not here for long
But you’ll live on…. And on

You are love, you are hope… you’re a part of the wheel
Hold your head high, open your heart, say what you need, say what you
Search through the maze - a new chapter, each and every,  new day


Leaves turn gold, we all grow old
Grapes turn water into wine
Bright blue sky, reflects your eyes
Don’t need a ladder to climb
Ohhhhhh oh, oh-oh ohhhhhhhh   ohhhhh oh, oh-oh ohhhhhhhhh

(chorus - repeat last line)

Vocals: Kalichuk  Guitar: Kalichuk  Bass: Allard  Drums:  Allard

Hey baby baby – you’re walkin’ talkin’
Look at us we’re rockin’ knockin’
Big beat – monster meat
You’ve got some curves up on that seat
Maybe lady – sometime baby
We could meet, you drive me crazy
Rockets fly, up in the sky
Big boys – they don’t cry

Beat it – beat it, bumpin’ somethin’       
Going down - thumpin’ pumpin’
No fat – Jack sprat
Just like you, but you know that
Hips – lips – sexy quips
Bangin’ beat – hittin’ sticks
North-south, east-west
Shake it, quake it, full of zest

Samplin’, coverin’ – auto tune                                    
Tribute show, sleep ‘til noon
60’s go-go’s – in stilleto’s
You’ve got the look, we’re goin’ retro
Bleach blonde – Brazilian wax
Singing, crying… like this axe
Move your feet, to the beat
Spread that honey, I like it sweet

Bridge final:
You’re the bomb in this song       
Been waitin’ for so long  
To sing it… gonna bring it
Wanna ring it – out
It’s all about
The bomb – you’re the bomb - in this song

Vocals: Kalichuk  Guitar: Kalichuk  Bass: Pineau  Drums: Dunn

Not sure if you know – a wrong from a right
Thinking about what you’ve done – keeps me up at night
I don’t hate or get mad – just shake my head
Pretty sure you opened your mouth – don’t care what you said

But I’ll take the high road
The low road’s all backed up
It’s bumper to bumper down there
With mean, stupid, and corrupt

She looked like an angel – I saw in a dream
Hair like sun splashed silk – skin like cream
She got inside my head – didn’t have to try
10 o’clock didn’t know her – left wishing I was her guy


Lonely… souls
Surrounded by all of their friends
Smiles… and friendly chit chat
Doesn’t quite mend
The broken hearted sadness
Your hypnotic gaze does send

(repeat last 2 lines)

Vocals: Kalichuk, Kee  Guitar: Kalichuk  Bass: Pineau  Drums: Dunn

Chorus 1:
Hold me – roll me – stole me – squeeze me
Hold me; roll me;  you stole me

Verse 1:
You……… look so good to me
Like Sunday morning coffee
And afternoon ice cream
I’d like to sip from your cup
I’m lovin’ this day dream

Chorus 2
Caress me – miss me – kiss me – want me
Caress me; miss me;  please kiss me

Verse 2:
You……… set the night on fire
I love to just admire
Honey you inspire
Well if you want this man
Baby I’m for hire

Chorus 3:
Need me – teach me – reach me – love me
Need me;  teach me;  you reach me

Repeat Verse 1, then repeat last 2 lines twice

Vocals: Kalichuk, Kee  Guitar: Kalichuk  Bass: Pineau  Drums: Dunn

Don’t know how to leave you
These tears make it hard to see
(FEMALE – Don’t cry for me….)
I’ll leave a trail of love my dear
So you, can come find me

Got me feeling crazy baby
Inside out – upside down
Wondering what to do now

Chorus 1
Feeling cloudy, inside my head
Can’t seem to get up, out of my bed
Words are sounding like cars in the street
Feeling like a fighter who just got beat

Verse 2
Don’t know how to love you
All these years make it hard for me
 (FEMALE:  I’ll still love you…)
I’ll leave a trail of blood my dear
So you, will know that I bleed


Chorus 2
Feeling shivers, run up my spine
Can’t seem to remember that you are not mine
Memories seeming like distant dreams
Everyone’s laughter sounds like painful screams

Verse 3
Don’t know how to forget you
These fears like a cold dark sea
            (FEMALE:  Please remember me…)
I’ll leave a trail of good-byes my dear
So you, will feel set free

Refrain x3

Vocals: Kalichuk, Greer  Guitar: Kalichuk  Strings: Pineau

Verse 1                                                  
I’ll think about you,
-when you are gone… see your picture
…in the clouds, hear your name…
All day long
I don’t need silver or gold,
Or for you to crawl.
Don’t need stocks or bonds or digital, don’t need
To have it all
Don’t need to chat
In cyberspace, just want
Just want Heart to heart –
lips to lips, and face to face

chorus #1
When are you coming home?
I know the road is long

Verse 2
They say the cream rises,
To the top –
the dirt will find the bottom
This circle… will never stop
Not all good people,
Have found someone else,
wouldn’t want to live this life…
all by… myself
Loving all of you -
Is the hardest drug,
That wraps around my emotions and -
Gives them a tug…

Chorus #2
Summer’s turning into spring
Nothing here means anything

Verse 3
Looking out the window,
Of a speeding car,
life passing by so fast feels just like a
…shooting star
Let me take your hand
And lay it on my chest,
Is my heart still beating fast –
from your sweet caress?
Afraid to leave this life,
not sure where we will go,
but your heart is pure like moonlight on -
Midnight snow…

chorus #3
Right side up is upside down
Burning bridges all around…

I’ll think about you
When you are gone,
see your picture in the clouds…
hear your name… all day long
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