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Scene Magazine Jumbo Train Review Vultures and Butterflies
Port Stanley News - New Album
November 2013
Relish Elgin Christmas Gift
Suggestion #5 - December 2013
Scene Magazine - REVIEW
December 2013
album- Vultures & Butterflies
Relish Elgin concert review.
Mar 26 2013
Times-Journal May 23 2012
Scene Magazine Die By The Pen review
Scene Magazine Dec 2011 - Jan 2012
Scene Magazine Aug. 30 2012
Scene Magazine Dec. 22 2011
"We'd like to congratulate you on Die
By The Pen being selected as "song
of the day" on -
now in 42 countries.  Our panel is
tough, but they picked you."

Songshooter  Sept. 9 2012
Dennis was interviewed for a
20 minute segment on a
MyFM Radio network show
April 1 2012

(an Mp3 of the interview is
available on request)
London Free Press Dec. 13 2011
St. Thomas Times Journal QMI article Dec. 17 2011
London Free Press Dec. 13 2011
Times-Journal Dec. 17 2011
The Weekly News May 10 2012
Dennis Kalichuk Jumbo Train Rogers TV
Jumbo Train debut CD
CD Release Nov. 2011
News Release
Rogers Inside Elgin Oct. 2011
St. Thomas Weekly News publisher's editorial Nov. 24 2011
The Weekly News Nov. 2011
2013 album news release
Relish Elgin Christmas gift suggestion Vultures and Butterflies
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Scene Magazine - March 2016
30th Anniversary Show
Review of "I'll Still
Write Love
Songs" by
May 2017
The Weekly News
coverage of Jumbo
Train's release of
Feel Me Breathe
June 2017
Feel Me Breathe
CD is reviewed
in the St. Thomas
Times Journal
June 2017
Feel Me Breathe
CD is reviewed
in London,
Ontario's Scene
July 2017