Dennis Kalichuk ~ Singer-Songwriter

NEWS RELEASE Nov. 2013.  Release date: anytime

Jumbo Train keeps rolling with sophomore album

     Two years following his debut album release, visual artist turned singer-songwriter Dennis Kalichuk,
follows up with his second CD – Vultures and Butterflies.  Nine musicians joined Kalichuk’s Jumbo Train
team to bring to life the twelve eclectic pop tunes on this latest offering.  (Kalichuk records and performs
as Jumbo Train.)

     Admitting to, at times, having somewhat of a short attention span, Kalichuk laughs that after the first
three songs a listener “will only have discovered they have no idea what’s coming next”!  The composer
categorizes the music as pop, but with sprinkles of inspiration from the genres of folk, rock, jazz and

     Subject wise on the CD, the lyrics tackle a variety of ideas including forms of love and lust in I Want
To Love Again, I Don’t Need Anyone, Kiss You So Hard and How Much I Feel.  Angels Among Us is a
good vs. evil anthem.  Don’t Want To See You Cry poses questions about the haves and have nots in
society.  Kalichuk manages to find room for pure fun in songs such as Blue Skies and My Town’s Got.  
     “I hope that we managed to build a lot of inspiration and hope into this album.  The Fight, for example
seems to be able to draw tears from many people and I love that because it’s not a sad song, it’s an
uplifting one,” continues Kalichuk.  “That tells me it’s making a connection in a positive way and that
makes me happy as a writer.  Hey, I’d love for people to listen to this collection and at the end feel like
they’re ready to take on the day… like the time spent listening was well spent and it made some kind of a
difference in their life.  Maybe even discover a renewed passion for really listening to music.  Tall order,
but as it says in How Much I Feel – I shoot for the stars,” Kalichuk quips.

     Kalichuk has developed a method of writing that he is sure is more than a little unique.  “It wasn’t this
way at first but my writing method has evolved to be one of not trying to write songs.”  He explains, “I
started to notice that some of my favourite songs were ones that seemed to just happen while I was
casually playing around on a guitar – or even in the middle of playing another song.  So I’ve stopped
sitting down with the intent of coming up with a new song.  It’s hard for me to explain or even comprehend
myself but often when they come, they come very quickly and I need to be prepared to write things
down.  It’s usually a fairly fun and emotional happening for me.  I don’t know - maybe they’ve been
festering or growing somewhere in a subconscious layer of the mind and when they reach a certain point
they’re just born.  I’ve dreamt parts of songs and wrote them down upon waking so who knows?”

     Ten of the songs were recorded with producer Simon Larochette at Sugar Shack Studio on London,
Ontario and two others with Myles Pineau at Pineau Productions in St. Thomas, Ontario.  The St.
Thomas recordings included Tim Allard on drums and Pineau on bass.  Kalichuk brought bassist Kim
Ladd, vocalists Lauri Ladd and Dean Greer, drummer Kerry Molen and lead guitar player Guy Miskelly
along for the London studio sessions.  Larochette added his steel guitar while Kelly Wallraff played violin.
     The Jumbo Train writer says he had no shortage of songs to choose from for the album and whittling
them down was difficult.  “But we’re well set up already for CD number three which I hope to do same
time in 2014.”