JUMBO TRAIN - Canadian indie folk-roots / rock group led by singer-songwriter dennis kalichuk

Jumbo Train Releases 4th Studio Recorded Album - LIFESAVER

St. Thomas Ontario based indie folk-roots/rockers, Jumbo Train, have just released their 4th studio recorded album since 2011. LIFESAVER is a collection of 7 original songs that range from sweet melancholy to lively guitar driven anthems. The songs are penned by Canadian singer-songwriter Dennis Kalichuk who records and performs as Jumbo Train. A collection of musician friends join him in the studio and on the stage to perform their own brand of guitar, strings and lyric driven music. The songs are often sprinkled with influences and nuances from country, rock, jazz and blues. The Lifesaver EP, recorded on CD, deals with subjects from Gord Downie, residential schools, and new love, to growing older and small town life.

“This collection feels so jam-packed with memorable songs to me,” says Kalichuk. “We recorded over a few sessions a number of weeks apart, so it’s been a fairly long process putting it together. I just can’t say enough about the team I get to create with.” Kalichuk is joined by bassist Kim Ladd lead guitarist Guy Miskelly cellist Christine Newland vocalists Amiel Houghton and Jessica Vanden Boomen and drummer Myles Pineau. Kyle Ashbourne took care of the recording and mixing at London, Ontario’s Sugar Shack studio. Kalichuk has already released videos for I’M AFRAID I’M BROKEN THE MAN IN A SILVER SUIT LIFESAVER and most recently, THIS TOWN. The album and singles are distributed on all major music platforms. The singer-songwriter is planning on a number of shows over the next 14 months in support of the new collection, starting with a hometown show on Friday November the 8th, at Princess Avenue Theatre in St. Thomas.

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